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Two Weirton doctors acquitted on all charges in federal drug case

After nine days, a federal trial in Wheeling, WV ends in ‘not guilty’ verdicts for two local doctors, Dr. Krishan Aggarwal and Dr. Cherian John. The pair faced more than a dozen combined charges for allegations of unlawfully prescribing Suboxone, a drug used to treat opiate addiction and curb withdrawal symptoms. Both doctors maintain prominent, long-time practices in Weirton, WV.

Michael Nogay and Ron Chapman, of Michigan, led the defense for Dr. Aggarwal.Dr. John was represented by Stephen Stalling, of Pittsburgh, and Chistopher Gagin, of Wheeling. The defense called nineteen witnesses, including former patients of Dr. Aggarwal and medical experts specializing in the field of addiction medicine. The patients explained to the jury that, but for the medical care and treatment by Dr. Aggarwal, they would have been unable to maintain gainful employment, contribute financially to their families, or maintain meaningful relationships.

The jury was ultimately convinced that Dr. Aggarwal and Dr. John acted in good faith and within the bounds of legitimate medical practice in prescribing Suboxone to patients struggling with addiction to opioids.

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