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Two Doctors acquitted of drug charges in West Virginia

Below are excerpts from an article written by Linda S. Cheek, MD of Doctors of Courage:

“On Friday, June 14, 2019, after an eight-day trial, Dr. Krishan Kumar Aggarwal, 74 y/o internist and Dr. Cherian John, 66 y/o internist/cardiologist, were found not guilty of drug charges for their contractual work at an addiction treatment facility in Weirton, West Virginia. For the first time in a long time, jurors are beginning to wake up and see what is really happening in this country. This was a win for our recommended lawyer, Ronald Chapman II as well as the local lawyer, Michael Nogay. Congratulations, West Virginia! Hopefully you will lead the charge against the illegal attacks on good, compassionate doctors.”

“The government’s entire case was based on propaganda using the fact that the clinic accepted only cash or credit cards, even though the visits were reasonably priced. Using statements in their press release like medical professionals have chosen to violate their oaths and exploit this crisis for profit.”

“In [Dr. Cheek’s] opinion, this clinic and these doctors were attacked primarily because the doctors were minority. Also, with the closing of the clinic, the patients would be forced to the street again to continue their addiction and in the government’s view, hopefully overdose. In other words, discrimination and legal genocide. Congratulations, West Virginia, for recognizing this.”

Follow the link below for the full article:

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