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Man Sues Burger King for Free Whoppers for Life

According to an ABC News article, a man in Oregon is claiming Burger King is definitely not letting him “have it his way.”

Curtis Broomer says he was cheated out of free Burger King meals for life and he’s not happy about it. So unhappy, in fact, that the 50-year-old filed a lawsuit this week asking for $9,026.16 — the exact amount he and his lawyer say it will cost him for a Whopper meal a week for the rest of his life.

Broomer was reportedly locked in a “dank” Burger King bathroom for over an hour. It was after he was broken free that Burger King employees allegedly offered him “a lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost.” Now, Burger King refuses to honor the commitment.

Read more about the pending lawsuit by following the link below:

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