Elder Abuse

The attorneys at Nogay Law know how to win

Bed sores can be just the first sign of nursing home abuse or neglect, and we have recovered damages for the abused and neglected and their families throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The attorney at Nogay Law will fight for victims of nursing home negligence.

Families all over the Tri-State area place their trust in nursing homes to care for a loved one, and they deserve to be justly compensated when that trust is violated. We have experience with investigating these cases and will aggressively seek compensation for nursing home neglect victims.

You may have a claim for Elder Abuse if you or a family member has fallen victim to the staff’s failure to:

  • Prevent bed sores through frequent turning and pressure pads
  • Report skin irritation or signs of developing bed sores
  • Change soiled bedding
  • Change adult diapers
  • Provide access to medical services
  • Provide medical care for mental or physical health needs

Families pay nursing homes to ensure that their elderly loved ones are properly cared for. Abuse, whether it is emotional, physical or financial, is unacceptable, and you may be entitled to damages if you or a loved one was subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect.

The attorneys at Nogay Law know how to win. Contact our office today to have our lawyers review your case.